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Our Residency Story

Bhimas Group of Hotels started its journey in the early of 1952 by Late Mr. K. R. Venkatachalam Iyer, the founder of Bhimas Group in Tirupati which has migrated from Palakkad, Kerala. The founder started his hotel carrier at an early age wherein he worked in various hotels at different capacities/positions prior to his arrival at Tirupati.

Bhimas Group of Hotels traces its roots back to the early days of 1952, when the visionary Late Mr. K. R. Venkatachalam Iyer, the esteemed founder of Bhimas Group, embarked on a remarkable journey in Tirupati. Hailing from Palakkad, Kerala, Mr. Venkatachalam Iyer had already garnered a wealth of experience, having worked in various capacities within the hospitality industry before settling in Tirupati. Fuelled by his unwavering dedication and tireless efforts, Mr. Venkatachalam Iyer achieved a significant milestone in 1952 when he established his own vegetarian mess at the tender age of 17. This groundbreaking venture, located in Chandragiri, the Taluk Headquarters of Tirupati, quickly gained recognition for its unparalleled quality and delectable flavors. The overwhelming response from patrons led to the rapid expansion of the business, with several branches springing up in no time. Joining his father's entrepreneurial path, Mr. K.V. Ranganathan began assisting him in the business at the age of 17. Through his invaluable experiences, Mr. Ranganathan gained profound expertise, propelling the expansion of their enterprise into lodging and restaurant facilities during the 1970s. The journey of growth continued, culminating in a significant milestone in 1982, when Mr. K. V. Ranganathan spearheaded the construction of Tirupati's first two-star hotel, boasting exceptional amenities and services.

Building upon the legacy of their predecessors, Mr. K. R. Venkatachalam and Mr. K. R. Hariharan, sons of Mr. K. V. Ranganathan, have since joined the ranks of the group. Their invaluable contributions led to the creation of a magnificent property, "The Bhimas Residency Hotel," in 2000. They have been actively involved in the operational aspects of the business since the age of 18, and now proudly hold the positions of Managing Directors within the esteemed Bhimas Residency Group. Through the years, the Bhimas Residency Group of hotels has remained committed to upholding its legacy of offering exceptional vegetarian cuisine and unrivaled hospitality to every guest. Our dedicated team consistently goes above and beyond to pamper our guests, ensuring a truly luxurious vacation experience that combines warm hospitality with a delightful journey through the annals of time.



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